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Men's Retreat 2020 in Portugal 

One weekend for man to be together and share on a deeper level.

Celebrate life and grow in brotherhood.

Into the wild. personal development and nature reconnection retreat for men

May 18 - 24

with Pedro Collares, Tiago Rouxinol & team.
In parthnership with
Ocean and Yoga

YanGathering group
Surfing 2
Instrumentos Soud Journey
Drum healing
Tiago Rouxinol

A week dedicated to ourselves as male humans.

Where do we come from, where are we now, where do we go, who are we, what is our role in the family, in our work, as fathers, as friends, as partners, in the world we live in, the way of evolution as a species. We can change! How to do it?

Together is easier to understand all these questions!

"We live in a society in which the male force has been dominating for many centuries. As we already know things do not go very well in the world with this domination of the "distorted masculine”.  That's why we feel the call to open this space so that together we can explore the different aspects of our masculine side. How do we show up for our daughters, sisters and partners, how do we release ancient armours, how can we make a change in our lifetime?


It will be a week for men, together to explore our essence in brotherhood, making room for us to express our fragilities, doubts and questions in the depths of our being that we never have the courage or the space to share, to express, to heal.

Come explore the Being, have fun and spend an authentic and special week. Empower yourself! Spend time in nature. Get to know other great men who are curious how to honor the Sacred Masculine & share practices of personal development with us.



We will share from various lineages & practices such as surfing, drum circle, ecstatic dance, vocal expression, sound journey, meditation, peaceful communication, yoga, organic movement & qui gong, connection with nature,...

offering you to find out what strengthens you on a daily basis to stay reminded of your impact in the world. "

Feel the cal to joyin us?

Click here for bookings and further information!

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One weekend for man to be together.

Share on a deeper level.

Celebrate life and grow in brotherhood.
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