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Sound Healing Workshop

Sound has always been used by the human as a gate way of connection with the mystery of creation since unknown time. It can be expressed in many ways. 
On this workshop we will use different techniques of sound healing exercises and yoga of sound.
We invite you to explore your voice, your inner expression and your authentic self. we have the power to heal our self and our voice is a very efective way to manifest this healing.
Sounds for releasing tension, calming the mind, expand the consciousness, and celebrating life.  
To complete the workshop we take you to a long deep relaxation with live healing music to integrate the self healing work. 

Organic Tribal Dance

Combination of blindfold dance, breathing exercises and intention by the music of dynamic percussive rhythms and organic healing sounds. Group ritual for healing and transformation, natural high state that leads to spiritual awakening, mental clarity, and emotional well-being.

Since the beginning, human kind used dance and sound as a bridge to connect with the spirit.For exemple, Native americans made the eagle and the bear dance to achieve their strength and courage, in Hawaiian the elements dance was used to pray for water, fire, air and earth, 

Welcome to this inner journey, beyond the normal perception of space and time!Without seeing with the physical eyes, the dancers open the other senses and access an another level of perception...For the integration we will have a long final relaxation with live music. Deep & ancestor journey!

Yoga with Live Music

Healing yourself trough the vibration of movement and sound. During the class we will guide you to a deeper place inside, using Asanas, words and the sounds of exotic instruments, magic vibrations and high frequencies, connecting to the purity of our heart, the power of intention and our capacity to open up the spirit. Let´s move, realign, reconnect, rebalance!!! :)

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