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Journey to the heart of the Amazon




From the heart of the Amazon comes the call to celebrate the turn of the year connected with our dear Mother Earth, germinating seeds of gratitude, reflection and love, much love during this beautiful immersion in Huni Kuin People's customs and traditions at the Ikamuru Shuku Shukuwe Festival and also the New Year celebration in Huni Kuin Lands, which will be held from December 21, 2019 to January 4, 2020, at the Aldeia São Joaquin in indigenous lands of “Baixo Rio Jordão” on the state of Acre, Brazil.


Is is an unique opportunity to emerge into the ways of the ancient culture of healing from the Huni Kuin nation. Also by participating on this festival you will be supporting the real guardians of the Amazon forest. More than 95% of their lands is untouched forest!
Cam and join us on this life changing journey to the heat of the jungle.

They will share with us their sacred medicines and ceremonies providing deep transformation and healing to the participants. Connecting to the source of our being and understanding the value and purity of the Huni Kuin culture.


》 Program TRIBUTE December / 2019


- December 21st - Saturday

- Aerotaxi to Jordan

- Boat to the Village

- Afternoon Free / Hosting



- December 22nd - Sunday

- EARLY MORNING: Body Painting

- AFTERNOON: Walk through the Village visiting the ”Espaço Fundo Segredo”, Samaúma Tree, Medicines garden, Fragrant Herbs, Eye Drops, Rapé.

- NIGHT: Rapé circle, songs and stories.


- December 23rd - Monday

- Visit “Sítio Luz da Floresta” all day long

- December 24th - Tuesday

- Free day in the village

- CHRISTMAS: Nixi Pae (Ayahuaska) Ceremony


- December 25th - Wednesday

- Kambo after the ceremony

- Herb Bath After Ceremony

- Celebration Day: Community Lunch

- December 26th - Thursday

- Free day in the village

TRIBUTE: Nixi Pae (Ayahuaska) Ceremony


- December 27th - Friday

- Kambo after the ceremony

- Herb Bath After Ceremony

- Celebration Day: Community Lunch


- December 28th - Saturday

- Boat to Jordan "Tribute Group"

- Aerotaxi to Rio Branco



》 Program BAPTISM NIXPUPIMA 2019/2020


- December 28th - Saturday

- Arrival at the Village


- 29 / December - Sunday
- Know the village / Opening Nixi Pae (Ayahuaska)



- 30 / December -> 01 January 

- Baptism



- January 2nd - Thursday

- Closing Nixi Pae (Ayahuaska)


- January 03 - Friday 

- Free Day - Celebration - Rest


- January 4 - Saturday 

- Boat back / Aerotaxi (Saturday)



Option 01

Tribute: 21st to 28th December = 655 € (8 days)


Option 02

Tribute + New Year + diet: Dec 21 to Jan 04: 1260 € (15 days)


Option 03

New Year + Baptism diet: Dec 28 to Jan 04: 655 € (8 days)



Optional External Logistics: R $ 1700,00 (Brazilian Reals)

The external logistics service will be done by a company that has a lot of experience organizing groups. We recommend booking this service to facilitate your arrival in the village. This package includes.
* Receptive at Rio Branco Airport / AC

* Transfer to and from Rio Branco Hotel / AC 

*  2 hotel nights in Rio Branco (round trip)

* Aerotaxi to the river boarding (round trip).



Food is not included in the stay in Rio Branco or Tarauacá, only breakfast in the hotels mentioned.


General Information:

Your contribution will include: 

  • River Transportation, Village Lodging, 3x Village Food, All activity and medicines during the retreat. 

  • Programming focused on living with the sacred medicines of Nixi Pae (Ayahuasca), Reshke Pae (Snuff), Shãnitsamati (natural eye drops) and Rauki (herbal bath for protection), as well as the ancient arts of the Huni Kuin people. Kenes (indigenous graphics) such as basketry and sacred prayers;

  • This pack does not include the transfer from Rio Branco to the village. We recommend that you book the external logistics package.

  • The travel costs of participants from their hometown to Rio Branco are the responsibility of each participant.


》 What to bring:
Hammock, mosquito net, sleeping bag, rain coat, sunscreen, towel, mosquito repellent, lanterns, fruits, cereals, trash bag (you take away your own trash), your coup, plate and cutlery , knife, water bottle, hat, trousers and long sleeved blouses of lightweight fabric (to protect from mosquitoes), overshoes, swimwear.

》 What not to bring:
Sweets, alcohol, illicit drugs.

Registration Contact

Pedro Collares

Whatsapp/Telegram: +351 914393365



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