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Organic Healing Sound

The path of Healing through Sound

The path of Sound Healing


We organize different retreats and workshops around the globe combining Sound Healing with the art of Yoga, Meditation and devotional chanting.


We also offer Sound Treatments using powerful vibrations that harmonize and realign the body, mind and sprit. This treatments, workshops and concerts work on a very subtle level.
Deeper layers of your being can be reached helping your inner healer to release blockades and experience profound state of relaxation.

Sound is one of the most ancient practice of human kind to connect with the source of life "The Great Mystery" Science have proofed how sound can affect and transform matter.


Everything is vibration, we have the power to create our reality combining intention and Sound.

Who we are

Pedro Collares
(Founder of Organic Healing Sound)

For many years I have been on a never ending research on how Sound can heal and provide a better life quality.
I traveled the world from deep in Brazilian Amazon Forest to Ashrams in India a part of taking different trainings in Europe, learning the diversity and similarity on the culture of using Sound and chanting to reach higher levels of consciousness.
On this journey I have specialized my self on the Hang and with this instrument I have created many music projects with other people. You can know more about my work as a musician at:
May all beings be happy and free to be and express their authentic self.



“Eu sou um depoimento. Clique aqui para editar e adicionar um texto que diga algo legal sobre você e seus serviços.”

Pedro Collares
Aljezur - Portugal / Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - Phone: +351 9143 93365


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